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Abstract #2020

Comparison of Contrast-to-Noise Ratio for in vivo Mouse Brain Imaging at 3T and 7T under Nearly Identical Scanner Configurations

Yuan W, Holland S, Pratt R, DiFrancesco M, Dardzinski B, Dunn S
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

T1 and T2 weighted in vivo images of mouse brain were compared for signal-to-noise and contrast-to-noise at 3T and 7T with nearly all other protocol parameters remaining identical. The two Bruker scanners employed in this study were fitted with the same gradient sets and drive electronics and operated with the same software. Identical single-turn-solenoid RF coils were constructed for both field strengths. System details such as RF coil Q and receiver noise figure were measured to allow a consistent comparison of noise. Images optimized for contrast-to-noise were obtained based on relaxometry performed on each mouse. Under these unique circumstances, the influence of field strength on brain image quality was isolated.