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Abstract #2325

MEMRI reveals functional changes in Basal Ganglia output nucleus in Parkinson's disease

Shtarkshall R, Bergman H, Goelman G
Hadassah Hebrew University

Manganese enhanced-MRI was used to follow dynamic connectivity changes in a 6-OHDA Parkinson disease rat model. Using principal component analysis we followed manganese transfer from the CPu to relay nuclei. Two common principal components (PCs) were found in our data; one resembles delayed and sustained manganese accumulation, the other fast increase followed by fast decrease. Both PCs represent the substantia nigra (SN) for control and 6-OHDA groups. However, the volume of the first PC is significantly lower in 6-OHDA rats with no change in the other PC. Volume reduction suggests a reduction in spatial localized connectivity between CPu and SN.