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Abstract #2327

Quantitative Assessments of Mouse Optic Nerve Projections to the Brain In Vivo

Scadeng M, Dubowitz D, Lindsey J, Crowston J
University of California San Diego

The ability to directly assess axonal integrity throughout the visual system in vivo would allow repeated evaluations within the same subject, and a more accurate determination of the rate of disease progression or recovery. We use an intracameral injection of manganese ions (Mn) to track visual cortical projections in the mouse. Mn is seen as increased T1 signal intensity ipsilaterally in vitreous humor and optic nerve, and contralaterally in lateral geniculate nucleus, superior colliculus and visual cortical areas V1 and V2L. This data demonstrate the ability to assess axonal integrity in the visual system across 2 synaptic junctions.