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Abstract #2328

Mapping Cellular Architectonics of Rat Hippocampus using Manganese-enhanced and Diffusion Spectrum Imaging

Weng J, Chen J, Yang P, Kuo L, Wedeen V, Tseng W
National Taiwan University

Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (meMRI) and diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) both have the potential to probe the neuroarchitecture based on the different biological mechanisms. However, application of these two methods simultaneously and non-destructively in rat hippocampus has never been demonstrated yet. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to realize the neuroarchitecture of rat hippocampus using meMRI and DSI in 3T MRI. We combined meMRI with DSI anisotropy (DA) to indicate the consistency of the two tools. The results indicate that neuronal architecture of rat hippocampus can be visualized and has high consistency in a systemic administration of Mn2+ and water molecular diffusion.