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Abstract #3407

White matter volume and anisotropy in very low birth weight preterm born children: association with cognitive outcome

McAlonan G, Lam B, Poon G, Leung C, Chua S, Khong P, Qiu D, Yung A
The University of Hong Kong

We tested the hypothesis that mean white matter (WM) volume and fractional anisotropy (FA) are reduced in children born very low birth weight preterm (n=25, mean age=10.14 years) compared to healthy term born age-matched children (n=13) and that these parameters correlate with Wechsler full scale IQ scores (FSIQ). WM volume and FA were significantly lower in the preterm group compared to controls (p=0.014, p<0.001 respectively). WM volume was the only independent variable significantly affecting FSIQ after adjusting for gestational age, birth weight and gender (r2=0.420, p=0.011), suggesting that this parameter is a reliable predictor of cognitive outcome in these children.