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Abstract #3450

Apparent diffusion coefficient values in endometrial cancer: comparison with the normal endometrium and correlation with histologic grades

Tamai K, Koyama T, Umeoka S, Togashi K, Saga T, Fujii S
Kyoto University

This preliminary study was to investigate whether ADC values of the endometrial cancers differ according to the histologic grade of the tumor and whether they differ from those of the normal endometrium. Study population included 19 patients with endometrial cancer and 12 patients with cervical cancer who were pathologically confirmed to have normal endometrium. Our results showed that ADC values of endometrial cancers are significantly lower than those of normal endometrium. ADC values of high-grade tumors showed decreased titer compared with those of lower grade although estimation of histologic grade based on ADC values seems difficult because of considerable overlap.