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Abstract #0951

High Resolution MRI of Enriched Environment Induced Structural Brain Changes

Ory Levy1, Daniel M. Michaelson1, Yaniv Assaf1

1Neurobiology, Tel Aviv University, Life sciences Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel

One suggested preventive approach to white matter loss especially in Alzheimer's disease is neurogenesis. We examined the paradigm of neurogenesis induction by environmental enrichment (EN). Twelve C57BL/6J mice at the age of weaning were divided into two groups (control and enrichment). The enriched mice were kept 4 months in enrichment cages. All mice were scanned in a 7T magnet using DTI protocol. Our results showed that DTI revealed differences in known areas (the hippocampus) and added insight by pointing out more areas: the corpus callosum and the thalamus in which significant differences were found to exist after EN.