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Abstract #1128

Dynamic Changes in Brain Bioenergetics During Apneic Excursions in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Caroline Rae1, Delwyn Bartlett2, Qiao Yang2, David Walton3, Angela Denotti2, Toos Sachinwalla3, Ron R. Grunstein2

1POWMRI, University of New South Wales, Randwick, NSW, Australia; 2The University of Sydney, Australia; 3RayScan Imaging, Australia

We studied 13 males with severe, untreated OSA whilst asleep using 31P MRS. Hypoxic excursions (≥10% desaturation) resulted in significantly increased Pi and decreased ATP, which resolved on re-oxygenation. There were no changes in PCr or brain pH and no changes in phospho-monoesters or -diesters, and no changes in the signal from the coil phantom. These data show reversible effects on brain bioenergetics in OSA on a seconds time scale and show that sleep hypoxia with parallel loss of cerebrovascular reactivity has significant effects.