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Abstract #1468

Limitations of a Multiplicative Correction of Partial Volume Effects on the Arterial Input Function in Bolus-Tracking Perfusion

Adam Espe Hansen1, Henrik Pedersen1, Egill Rostrup1, Henrik BW Larsson1

1Functional Imaging Unit, Glostrup Hospital, Glostrup, Denmark

The partial volume effect (PVE) on the arterial input function (AIF) remains a major obstacle to absolute quantification of cerebral blood flow (CBF) using MRI. This study evaluates the validity and performance of a commonly used multiplicative rescaling of the AIF to correct for the PVE. In a group of six patients, perfusion imaging was performed using a T1-weighted approach. Various degrees of PVE were induced on the AIF and subsequently corrected using a multiplicative AIF rescaling. Our results show that a multiplicative rescaling is not always applicable and can introduce a CBF bias. An easily measurable quantity denoted the tissue signal fraction (TSF) is proposed as a measure of the applicability of a multiplicative rescaling. For the present CBF quantification method a TSF of less than 0.4 results in a CBF bias below 15% after AIF rescaling.