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Abstract #2287

Exploring Optically-Derived Uptake Functions in the Context of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Arterial Input Function Measurement

Ross A. Little1, Marietta Scott2, Jane Halliday2, Geoff J. Parker1

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, School of Cancer and Imaging Sciences, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; 2Imaging, Translational Sciences, AstraZeneca, Cheshire, UK

When acquiring arterial input functions (AIFs), high spatiotemporal resolution is required to capture intrinsic variability. This is especially challenging if simultaneous tissue measurements are made. Optical techniques could allow simultaneous measurement at higher temporal resolution of both the AIF and the tissue of interest. A light sensor was constructed to investigate whether an optical tracer could be observed in an experiment which could be adapted to allow simultaneous DCE-MRI measurement. This combined a photoplethysmograph to locate arterial signals and an absolute light signal intensity monitor. Further work is required to quantify measurements in concentration terms and simultaneously acquire DCE-MRI data.