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Abstract #2411

Improved Resolution of 2D and 3D [1-13C] Hyperpolarized MRSI Using a 3-Element Coil and SENSE Reconstruction

Janine M. Lupo1, Peder E. Larson1, Albert P. Chen2, James Tropp3, Esin Ozturk-Isik1, Daniel B. Vigneron1, Ralph Hurd3, Sarah J. Nelson1

1Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA; 2Global Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Toronto, Canada; 3Global Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, CA, USA

This study implemented a SENSE acquisition and reconstruction to increase the spatial resolution of 13C MRSI of rats at 3T using a custom-built 3-element receive coil. 13C MRSI data were acquired using a 2D standard phase encoding and 3D phase encoding with flyback spatial trajectories. The 3D flyback 13C MRSI with SENSE allowed for full coverage of a rat body in 16s with a 0.5cc spatial resolution. This technique did not significantly compromise the overall spectral quality of the spectra, resulting in higher SNR than theoretically expected based on the g-factors for labeled pyruvate, lactate, and alanine in most anatomical regions.