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Abstract #3537

ExploreDTI: A Graphical Toolbox for Processing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Diffusion MR Data

Alexander Leemans1, Ben Jeurissen2, Jan Sijbers2, Derek K. Jones1

1CUBRIC, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK; 2Visionlab - Department of Physics, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Diffusion tensor imaging is becoming a standard addition to routine MR imaging for investigating microstructural tissue properties. With this research field rapidly evolving, the need for efficient and user-friendly diffusion MR processing/analysis software packages is also increasing. Here, a new MR diffusion toolbox dubbed ExploreDTI is officially presented for the first time. ExploreDTI is a non-commercial package that combines many of the key MR diffusion processing tools that have appeared in the recent literature, but which have not necessarily been widely available. The package will be made freely available to academic institutions following the ISMRM meeting in Hawaii. The main features of ExploreDTI are summarized.