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Abstract #0398

High-Resolution Imaging of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in a Mouse Model of Brain Metastasis

Hye-Won Kang1, Geun-Ho Im2, Jung Hee Lee2, Alexei A. Bogdanov1

1Radiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA, United States; 2Radiology, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

A combination of anti-human EGFR antibody-enzyme conjugates and a paramagnetic substrate has been designed for EGFR MR imaging for detecting NSCLC in vivo. The specificity of conjugate to the tumors and the sensitivity to EGFR expression in vivo were examined. The experimental group of mice after the injection of pretargeting conjugates followed by the injection of the paramagnetic substrate showed a strong enhancement of the tumor. The increase of MR signal was higher and the peak of enhancement was reached earlier than in the control group. The higher signal around the tumor periphery was retained for up to 24 h.