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Abstract #0508

Cerebrovascular Reactivity Within Perfusion-Territories in Patients with an ICA Occlusion

Reinoud Pieter Harmen Bokkers1, Matthias J. van Osch2, C. J. Klijn3, L Jaap Kappelle3, Willem P. Mali1, Jeroen Hendrikse1

1Department of Radiology, UMCU, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiology, LUMC, Leiden, Netherlands; 3Department of Neurology, UMCU, Utrecht, Netherlands

Patients with a symptomatic occlusion of the internal carotid artery (ICA) and hemodynamic compromise of the brain may benefit from bypass surgery. Our objective was to investigate cerebrovascular reactivity in the perfusion-territories of the cerebral arteries at brain tissue level in patients with an ICA occlusion using arterial spin labeling MRI, and determine whether cerebrovascular reactivity varies within the perfusion-territory of the remaining ICA. Our results show that ASL-MRI can visualize brain tissue with impaired cerebrovascular reactivity. The brain tissue on the side of the occlusion, supplied through collaterals originating from the unaffected ICA, was the most impaired.