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Abstract #0984

Thrombin-Absorbing Perfluorocarbon Nanoparticles for Treatment and 19F Tracking of Acute Thrombosis

Jacob Wheatley Myerson1, Li He2, Douglas M. Tollefsen2, Samuel A. Wickline1,2

1Biomedical Engineering, Washington University, Saint Louis, MO, United States; 2Department of Medicine, Washington University, United States

Perfluorocarbon nanoparticles were functionalized with the direct thrombin inhibitor PPACK. PPACK nanoparticles outperformed heparin in stopping acute thrombosis in mice. The particles had high affinity and specificity for thrombin and were visible with 19F magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging. PPACK nanoparticles are proposed a first-in-class anticoagulant with intrinsic magnetic resonance contrast, concentrated therapeutic impact defined by a thrombin-absorbing particle surface, and pharmacokinetics optimized by the base particle.