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Abstract #0985

Flyback Twisted Projection Imaging for Fast Quantitative Sodium Imaging Demonstrated on the Human Brain at 9.4 Tesla

Ian C. Atkinson1, Aiming Lu1, Keith R. Thulborn1

1Center for MR Research, University of Illinois- Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States

Quantitative sodium MR imaging predicts tissue viability and may offer information about diseases that disrupt tissue sodium ion homeostasis. The series of acquisitions necessary for computing the tissue sodium concentration bioscale from quantitative sodium MR imaging data often requires up to 30 minutes of human scanning and 30 minutes of phantom scanning. A new TPI-based technique is proposed that allows for rapid quantitative sodium MR imaging. Fast quantitative sodium imaging using this new data acquisition scheme that saves 20-40% of the total acquisition time is demonstrated in the human brain at 9.4 Tesla.