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Abstract #1029

Hyperpolarised Combretastatins: Potential Bio-Marker for Vascular Targeting of Tumours.

Steven Reynolds1, Joanne Bluff1, Gillian M. Tozer1, Martyn Paley1

1School of Medicine, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Combretastatin vascular targeting drug CA-4-P is a complementary approach to cancer therapy. For clinical evaluation of new agents we are developing bio-imaging markers to determine pharmakinetic and pharmadynamic response to rat tumour models. Using Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP) we have shown that CA-4-P can be 13C hyperpolarised and observed by in vitro 13C NMR spectroscopy. By measuring 13C T1 relaxation times we discuss 13C labelling strategies to permit observation of this molecule and its daughter products in an in vivo tumour rat model.