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Abstract #1069

A Texture Analysis Approach to Quantify Ventilation Changes in Hyperpolarised 3He MRI of the Rat Lung in an Asthma Model

Frank Risse1, Jelena Pesic1, Simon Young2, Lars E. Olsson1

1DECS Imaging & Antibodies, AstraZeneca R&D, Mlndal, Sweden; 2Bioscience, AstraZeneca R&D, Charnwood, United Kingdom

The effect of steroid (budesonide) treatment on lung inflammation in rats caused by ovalbumin can be visualised using hyperpolarised 3He MRI. The aim was to quantify the changes in lung ventilation in this asthma model using texture analysis. Four groups were investigated: controls, vehicle-treated, low and high dose budesonide-treated. First-order texture, geometrical features and features based on second-order statistics using run-length and grey-level co-occurrence matrices were calculated. Additionally, wavelet transforms were applied to compute first-order statistics on multiple scales. The texture analysis showed significant differences between the untreated and the budesonide-treated groups, which was in agreement with a biological marker.