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Abstract #1785

T1-Independent Vessel Size Imaging with Multi-Gradient- And Spin-Echo EPI

Heiko Schmiedeskamp1, Matus Straka1, Diane Jenuleson2, Greg Zaharchuk1, Roland Bammer1

1Lucas Center, Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States; 2Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA, United States

Vessel size imaging is a relatively new technique that relates contrast agent-induced changes of transverse relaxation rates, R2 and R2*, to each other to obtain an index that provides information about the size of vessels within a voxel of interrogation. Ideally, such measurements require the simultaneous acquisition of multiple gradient-echo (GE) and a spin-echo (SE) signals. However, limiting the acquisition to one GE and SE induces T1-related errors in the vessel size estimation. This problem can be solved by acquiring multiple GE/SE-signals, from which one can derive T1-independent estimates of R2 and R2* from before and during contrast-agent passage.