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Abstract #1869

MR Imaging of Tumor Initiating Melanoma Cells

Sergey Magnitsky1, Alexander Roesch2, Stephen Pickup1, Meenhard Herlyn2, Jerry D. Glickson1

1Radiology, University of Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia, PA, United States; 2Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Melanoma cells were labeled with iron oxide particles and allowed to proliferate. Small iron-retaining sub-cell population with original iron concentration has been detected after 21 days of proliferation. This sub-cell population exhibits high tumorigenicity, self-renewal capacity and drug resistance, and therefore fulfills a definition of tumor initiating cells. After implantation of labeled cells into NOD/SCID mice, iron-retaining cells have been detected by in vivo, ex vivo MRI and Prussian blue staining.