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Abstract #2078

A New MRI Analysis Method for Lesional Heterogeneity Characterisation in Multiple Sclerosis as Demonstrated by Quantitative MRI.

Marios C. Yiannakas1, Daniel J. Tozer1, Declan T. Chard1, David H. Miller1, Claudia A.M Wheeler-Kingshott1

1UCL - Institute of Neurology, London, United Kingdom

In this work a new MR analysis method is presented which utilises conventional FSE dual echo data sets with the use of advanced images algebra (ADIMA) in order to enhance the dynamic range in the image with a consequent enhancement of lesional heterogeneity in MS lesions. It is found that the images show bright and dark lesions indicating heterogeneity of pathological process. Masks of these bright and dark lesions are applied to MRI parameter maps and it is found that the corresponding areas on MTR, T1 and T2 maps show different values, corresponding to the two lesion types.