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Abstract #2079

Characterization of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Through a Quantitative Study of Perfusion Using a Gadolinium Contrast Agent

Ryan Griffin1, Adam Brandenberry1, Jiachao Liang1, Christopher Murphy1, Trenton Rink1, Joe Konrad1, Xiangyu Yang1, Michael Knopp1, Steffen Sammet1

1Radiology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

The purpose of this study was to use Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI at 3T to quantitatively study the perfusion of MS lesions. Using Brixs two compartment model, we found statistically significant differences in the mean extracted values of the pharmacokinetic values Amp and kel of enhancing lesions with respect to those from normal appearing brain tissue, as well as a statistically significant difference in the mean extracted value of Amp from hypointense lesions with respect to normal appearing brain tissue. Rising enhancement after the initial uptake of gadolinium (indicated by a negative kel value) was observed for every enhancing lesion.