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Abstract #2094

Definition of Regional Distribution of Gray Matter Loss in MS Patients with Fatigue: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study

Maria A. Rocca1, Gianna Riccitelli1, Cristina Forn1, Bruno Colombo2, Giancarlo Comi2, Massimo Filippi1

1Neuroimaging Research Unit, Institute of Experimental Neurology, Division of Neuroscience, Scientific Institute and University Hospital San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; 2Department of Neurology, Scientific Institute and University Hospital San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

Using voxel-based morphometry, we defined the topographical distribution of gray matter (GM) atrophy in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with fatigue. Compared to healthy volunteers and to MS patients without fatigue, patients with fatigue had reduced GM volume in several areas of the left frontal lobe, including the middle frontal gyrus (MFG), the precentral gyrus, the superior and inferior frontal gyrus, and the cingulate gyrus. Fatigue severity was significantly correlated with atrophy of the precentral gyrus, suggesting that structural damage in areas that are part of the sensorimotor network might be among the mechanisms responsible for the presence of MS-related fatigue.