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Abstract #2185

A Comparison of Signal Intensity & DCE-MRI Based Methods for Assessing Enhancing Fraction

Samantha Jane Mills1,2, Gerard Thompson1, Giovanni Buonacorrsi1, Geoff James Parker1, Alan Jackson1,2

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom; 2Department of Neuroradiology, Salford Royal Foundation Trust Hospital, Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

The established technique for measuring Enhancing Fraction utilises the initial area under the concentration curve derived from a DCE-MRI acquisition. This can be time consuming and requires complex post processing analysis. This study examines the feasibility of obtaining an measure of Enhancing Fraction from conventional, pre and post contrast T1weighted imaging and compares this to the established DCE-MRI derived technique. The two methods show good correlation but are not directly interchangeable methods of measuring Enhancing Fraction.