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Abstract #2347

Improving Characterization of Traumatic Brain Injury by Synergistic Use of Multi-MRI Techniques

Zhifeng Kou1, Robin Hanks, Scott Millis, Randall Benson, Ramtilak Gattu, E Mark Haacke1

1Radiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, United States

There is no treatment of TBI partially due to the current clinical classification system cannot effectively identify the pathoanatomical information of the brain. We propose that a synergistic use of multi-imaging techniques may capture much of the heterogeneity and complexity of brain injury in individual patients therefore result in improved accuracy and detail in prognostic models and improved efficiency of clinical trials. In this study, we report our preliminary observations regarding the synergistic use of these three MRI techniques in an improved characterization of TBI.