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Abstract #2446

Comparison of Electrophysiologic Connectivity with Imaging Connectivity from DWI and Resting State FMRI

Stephen Edward Jones1, Andreas Alexopolous, Erik Beall, Joanna Fong, Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, Mark Lowe, Blessy Mathew, Dileep Nair, Imad Najm, Michael Phillips, Kenneth Sakaie

1Neuroradiology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, United States

We present a comparison of in-vivo connectivity scores: one derived from electrophysiology (EP) signals in human brains monitored with parenchymal electrodes (for epilepsy workup); and the other from imaging connectivity methods such as HARDI and resting state fMRI. Assuming EP represent a gold standard of connectivity, this provides a validation of various connectivity scores derived from MRI.