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Abstract #2565

In Vivo Comparison of 2D and 3D T2* in the Rat Lung Using Hyperpolarized Helium-3 MRI at 1.5 T

Kyle Hill1,2, Jos-Manuel Prez-Snchez2, Roberta Santarelli2, Mathieu Sarracanie2, Pascal Hagot2, Marlies Friese2, Xavier Matre2, Luc Darrasse2

1University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom; 2Imagerie par Rsonance Magntique Mdicale et Multimodalit (UMR 8081), Univ Paris-Sud, CNRS, Paris, Le Kremlin-Bictre, France

The T2* of hyperpolarized helium-3 in the lungs has shown promise in characterizing lung microstructure due to its sensitivity to local gradients caused by gas-tissue interfaces, whose abundance per unit volume changes with lung inflation and pathological modification. Despite the lungs three-dimensional structure, most measurements of helium-3 T2* have been performed using projection imaging which neglects the complex microstructures effects. This work uses five rats in vivo to compare the T2* in a projection image with 3D imaging and shows that 3D is necessary to detect statistically different local phenomena that may not be apparent in projection imaging.