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Abstract #2670

Determining the Utility of Pre-Treatment MRI Data in Predicting the Survival Interval of Patients Diagnosed with Carcinoma of the Cervix Treated with Chemoradiotherapy

Martin D. Pickles1, Sue Booth2, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1Centre for MR Investigations, University of Hull, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2Institue of Oncology, St James' Hospital, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Chemoradiotherapy in combination with brachytherapy has become the standard treatment for advanced cervical carcinomas. Although the intent of the treatment is curative a significant number of patients do not survive beyond 5 years. Consequently, biomarkers of reduced survival intervals are currently being sought. The aim of this work was to determine if any of the studied MR derived parameters were associated with longer disease free and/or overall survival. This study demonstrated that for this cohort the MR derived stage (FIGO or TNM) based on morphological assessment of the disease present provided the most significant association with survival intervals.