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Abstract #2968

Simultaneous T1 and T2 Mappings Using Partially Spoiled Steady State Free Precession (PSSFP)

Paulo Loureiro de Sousa1,2, Alexandre Vignaud3, Laurie Cabrol1,2, Pierre G. Carlier1,2

1Institut de Myologie, Laboratoire de RMN, Paris, France; 2CEA, I2BM, Paris, France; 3Siemens Healthcare, Saint Denis, France

A fast 3D T2 mapping technique based on two partially Spoiled Steady State Free Precession (pSSFP) acquisitions has recently been presented. For most human soft tissues, accurate T2 measurements can only be obtained for high flip angle (FA) leading to SAR issues especially at high field. In this work we proposed an analytical expression derived from pSSFP theory which allowed us to introduce a more flexible T2 mapping technique. By doubling data collection, T1 map can also be extracted. The method has been validated on a phantom comparing pSSFP results with standard T1 and T2 measurements.