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Abstract #3257

3D-Imaging of the Knee with an Optimized 3D-TSE Sequence and a 15 Channel Knee-Coil at 3T

Mike Notohamiprodjo1, Annie Horng2, Bernhard Kuschel2, Peter Br3, Maximilian F. Reiser, Christian Glaser

1Institute for Clinical Radiology, University Hospitals Munich, Munich, Bavaria, Germany; 2University Hospitals Munich, Insitute for Clinical Radiology; 3Siemens Sector Healthcare

The purpose of this study was to evaluate a 3D-TSE-sequence with optimized acquisition strategies for improved tissue-contrast. Fifteen volunteers and 50 patients were examined at 3T (Magnetom VERIO, Siemens Sector Healtcare) with the PDfs-weighted 3D-TSE-sequence SPACE. Relevant SNR and CNR, i.e. fluid and Cartilage, of the isotropic 3D-TSE-sequence were significantly higher than of conventional 2D-TSE-sequences. Depiction of the femoral trochlea and small structures was significantly better. Small lesions could be better detected with the 3D-TSE-sequence. Diagnostic confidence was not significantly different. This technique hold high potential for further knee-MRI-protocols with excellent image quality and clinical performance compared to current 2D-protocols.