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Abstract #3369

Urinary Metabolic Profiling in Rats Using 1H High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy to Study Metabolic Alterations Due to Heat Stress Exposure

Sonia Gandhi1, Poonam Rana1, Memita Devi1, Sunil Pal2, Subash Khushu1

1NMR Research Centre, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India; 2Division and Cyclotron & Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India

Heat stress exposure can affect physiological & cognitive performance in humans, alter neurotransmitters & hormone level, causes hypohydration affecting cognitive performance. Present study reveals the changes in metabolite pattern & identifies potential biomarkers in rat urine due to heat stress exposure by NMR & multivariate statistical analysis. Phenylalanine, creatinine, hippurate, pyruvate & citrate concentration was reduced indicating onset of thermoregulatory response, altered renal function & enhanced energy consumption. Increased formate indicates disturbed gut flora. These studies reveal the subtle interplay of functional metabolites & pathways leading to an understanding of the systemic response to external stimuli such as heat stress.