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Abstract #3510

Investigating the Deactivation of Default Mode Network Across Multiple Cognitive Task

Pan Lin1, Simon Robinson1, Jorge Jovicich1,2

1Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Trento, TN, Italy; 2Department of Cognitive and Education Sciences, University of Trento, TN, Italy

Recently the task independent deactivation (TID) properties of the default mode network (DMN) have attracted increased attention in the neuroscience community because of their potential functional interpretations. TID refers to a decrease in brain activity during an active task relative to a baseline. However, most deactivation studies have used one or only a few cognitive tasks in the same subjects, which makes difficult the study TID features. In this study a series of different cognitive systems (language, memory, emotion, mathematics and mental rotation) were tested in a group of subjects to investigate the TID characteristics in DMN, specifically in terms of spatial differences across the various tasks.