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Abstract #4216

Novel Metalloporphyrins as Molecular MR Contrast Agents

Talaignair Venkatraman1, Ines Batinic-Haberle2, Vladimir Mouraviev2, Haichen Wang2, Chris lascola2

1Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, United States; 2Duke University Medical cener

We have investigated a new class of therapeutic metalloporphyrins for their potential as molecular MR imaging probes for prostate cancer detection. Mn(III)TE-2-Pyp5+ (meso-tetrakis(N-ethyl-2-prydil)porphyrin) and Mn(III)TnHex-2-PYP5+ (meso-terakis(N-n-hexyl-2-pyridyl)porphyrin are powerful superoxide dismutase mimics with low toxicity and antineoplastic activity. In phantom experiments, we observe unusually high T1 relaxivity. In vivo, we observe selective accumulation of these probes in prostate tumor xenografts following a single dose of either compound. Relaxation changes in prostate tumors is 10-11 fold greater than in normal prostate gland, suggesting these compounds may be particularly effective at detecting multifocal disease in situ.