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Abstract #4369

Brain Morphometry Correlates of Pharmacoresistancy in Schizophrenia

Mario Quarantelli1, Olga Palladino2, Anna Prinster1,3, Vittorio Schiavone2, Barbara Carotenuto4, Arturo Brunetti4, Gianluca Ventrella2, Angela Marsili1, Andrea De Bartolomeis2, Marco Salvatore4

1Biostructure and Bioimaging Institute, National Research Council, Naples, Italy; 2Institute of Psychiatry, University Federico II, Naples, Italy; 3 S.D.N. Foundation, Naples, Italy; 4Department of Biomorphological and Functional Sciences, University Federico II, Naples, Italy

We assessed structural cerebral differences between 16 normal volunteers (NV), 16 Responder (R-SC), and 19 Non-Responder (NR-SC) schizophrenia patients. Segmented T1-weighted volumes were analyzed voxel-wise to assess local differences in gray matter volume between the three groups, using permutation tests implemented in the CamBA software. Main clusters of significant GM differences among the three groups emerged in bilateral frontal cortices, right insula and right medial temporal lobe, differences being mainly due to reduced GM volumes in NR-SC, as compared to both NV and R-SC, suggesting that differences between NV an SC may be mainly driven by NR-SC patients.