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Abstract #4699

Evaluation of 3.0T MR Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in Diagnosis and Short-Term Therapeutic Effect of Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma

Xiao-duo Yu1, Meng Lin1, Han Ouyang1

1Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Cancer Hospital,Peking Union Medical College,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

DWI and ADC value in 3.0T MRI has widely used in tumor, but applied to clinical practice limitedly for overlap between benign and malignant tumor. 51 cases with renal clear cell carcinoma proved by operation were studied. Set ADC value at 1.810-3mm/s to divide the cohort into two groups. Significant differences were found between histological grade, clinical stage. After follow-up more than one year, tumor short-term control rate of the group with ADC value more than and equal to 1.810-3mm/s was better than that of the group with ADC value less than 1.810-3mm/s.Therefore DWI and ADC value help to evaluate prognosis potentially.