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Abstract #4827

1H MRS Metabolite Profiles of Medulloblastomas in Transgenic SMO Mice

Khan S. Hekmatyar1, Martin Wilson2, Neil Jerome3, Julian L. Griffin4, Andrew Peet2, Risto A. Kauppinen1

1Radiology, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH, United States; 2University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; 3Dartmouth Medical School, United States; 4Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Aberrant hedgehog signaling is implicated in generation of human medulloblastomas. We have used smoothened receptor (SMO) transgenic mice with high incidence of spontaneous medulloblastomas to characterize 1H MRS metabolic profiles in tumours with known molecular pathology. Medulloblastomas in the SMO mice showed very low NAA, low GABA and myo-inositol and high taurine, total cholines, scyllo-inositol and glycine. It appears that taurine, cholines and scyllo-inositol are potential common MRS biomarkers for medulloblastomas, whereas myo-inositol, GABA and glycine may be more associated with aberrant SMO signaling in medulloblastomas.