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Abstract #0712

MRI Detection of Brain Glucose Uptake using Gluco-CEST

Kai-Hsiang Chuang1, Cai Xian Yong, Ying Min Wang, George K. Radda, Xavier Golay2

1MRI Group, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A*STAR, Singapore, Singapore; 2Institute of Neurology, University College of London, United Kingdom

Radioactive isotopes of 2DG are being used routinely as surrogate measures of glucose uptake and metabolism in PET. Using chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST), we demonstrate that 2DG can be detected by proton MRI. CEST signal demonstrates good correlation with 2DG concentrations in phantom. In vivo imaging shows 2DG uptake can be measured repeatedly in the rat brain similarly to the FDG PET but with higher image resolution. This provides a potential way of using MRI to study glucose uptake in vivo without the need of radio-isotopes.