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Abstract #1405

Quantification of Rat Brain Metabolites by ProFit: Preliminary Evaluation of High Fat Diet Induced Obesity

Bhaskaran David Prakash1, Arunima Pola1, Na Agarwal1, Sambasivam S. Velan1

1Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore, Singapore

ProFit based quantification has been demonstrated at 7T using localized max echo sampled J PRESS on the thalamus of rats on high fat vs placebo diets. Significant increase was detected in metabolic ratios with respect to creatine for NAA, alanine, glutamine, glutamate and lactate for the high fat group which could have implications for increased glucose metabolisms. None of the rats tested positive for insulin resistance. The results demonstrate ProFits ability to identify pre-diabetic markers. Creatine, alanine, aspartate, glycine, glucose, glutathione, lactate, myo-inositol and ascorbate shows lower Cramer-Rao lower bounds compared to 1D approach even at 16.1T.