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Abstract #1643

Venous Vessel Size MRI in the Human Brain using Transient Hyperoxia

Yuji Shen1, Trevor Ahearn1, Matthew Clemence2, Christian Schwarzbauer1

1Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; 2Clinical Science MRI, Philips Healthcare, Surrey, United Kingdom

Hyperoxia-induced BOLD contrast was employed to measure the mean venous vessel size in the human brain using a combined GE and SE EPI sequence. The experimental paradigm consisted of two 3-minute blocks of breathing 100% O2 interleaved with three 2-minute blocks of breathing room air. The vessel size index q = R2*/R2 was calculated on a pixel-by-pixel basis and then converted to a map of the vessel radius based on a calibration curve obtained from a biophysical tissue model.