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Abstract #2053

A Modified Generalized Tracer Kinetic Model for Perfusion Parameters in DCE- MRI for High Grade Intracranial Mass Lesions

Ram Kishore Singh Rathore1, Prativa sahoo2, Rrishi Awashti3, Rakesh K. Gupta4, Sanjay Verma, Divya Rathore

1Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur, KANPUR, U.P., India; 2Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur, KANPUR, India; 3SGPGI; 4SGPGI, LUCKNOW

A modified generalized tracer kinetic model incorporating a strong leakage compartment, presenting as a local sink to BBB, is proposed. The new model as such automatically takes care of the cerebral blood volume correction and avoids choosing a neighboring feeding artery. The additional term in the model in the absence of the leakage compartment would give insignificant values to the corresponding rate constant and therefore does not cause any significant change in the parameters in such cases. The results, however, show that such compartments occur in the case of high grade gliomas, as compared with the low grade ones.