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Abstract #2439

DCE & DWI Functional Parameters as Indicators of Response to Radical Chemoradiation in Head & Neck Cancer

Marco Borri1, Maria Schmidt1, Ceri Powell2, Dow -Mu Koh1,3, Angela Riddell3, K. Harrington2, Kate Newbold2, James Darcy1, Martin O. Leach1

1CR-UK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre, Institute of Cancer Research & Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom; 2Head & Neck Department, The Royal Marsden Hospital; 3Radiology Department, The Royal Marsden Hospital

Dynamic-Contrast-Enhanced(DCE) and Diffusion-Weighted(DWI) MRI have proved to be useful in the diagnosis and staging of head and neck carcinoma. Primary lesions and lymph nodes are known to be heterogeneous and both DWI and DCE parametric maps show spatial variations within large lesions. In this work we investigate longitudinal variations of functional MRI parameters in a cohort of patients with head and neck carcinoma undergoing radical chemoradiotherapy. Considerably lower Ktrans, Ve and IAUG60 are found for responders. Functional MRI has provided