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Abstract #2440

Improved Fat Suppression with the Use of CHESS & Natural Rubber Pad

Uten Yarach1, Suwit Saekho1,2

1Radiological Technology, Chiang Mai University, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand; 2Biomedical Engineering Center, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Rapid change of magnetic susceptibility at air/tissue interface such as neck can lead to incorrect chemical shift-selective (CHESS) fat suppression on MR imaging. Applying pad devices with CHESS to shift air/tissue interface away from the skin have been used to improve the incomplete fat suppression. We propose Natural Rubber (NR) for building a neck pad to improve local magnetic field inhomogeneity. The study included testing material, building device, and testing on volunteers. The results showed that using the NR pad with CHESS provided completely fat suppression for neck MR imaging both in T1 and T2 weighted with invisible device.