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Abstract #3074

3.0T Breast Diffusion Weighted MRI using Readout Segmented EPI: Comparison with Single Shot EPI

Shotaro Kanao1, Tomohisa Okada1, Mami Iima1, Kazuna Takeda1, Shigeaki Umeoka1, Takeshi Kubo1, Kaori Togashi1

1Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, Kyoto Univerisity Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) is expected to increase diagnostic accuracy of detecting breast cancer. But compared to dynamic MRI, the imaging quality of DWI is poor because of distortion, poor fat suppression, low spatial resolution and so on. Recently DWI using readout segmented echo planner imaging (RS-EPI) is introduced to our institution as work-in-progress sequence and expected to improve imaging quality. We evaluated the imaging quality of 3.0 T diffusion weighted breast MRI using RS-EPI compared to single shot EPI (SS-EPI). Breast diffusion weighted MRI using RS-EPI can reduce imaging distortion and provide better visualization around the nipple.