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Abstract #3165

Investigation of the BOLD Response to Carbogen Breathing with Tumour Blood Volume in an Intracranial F98 Rodent Glioma Model

Efthymia Papaevangelou1, Kirstie Suzanne Opstad1, Franklyn Arron Howe1

1Clinical Sciences, St. George's University of London, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Tumour vascularity and oxygenation was investigated using blood oxygenation level dependant (BOLD) MRI in orthotopic F98 gliomas. Fractional blood volume (fBV), measured using a USPIO contrast agent, was compared with a carbogen-induced BOLD response. In tumour regions, with wide ranging fBV, a strong correlation was found between ΔR2* and fBV. Normal-appearing contralateral brain had lower fBV and a larger R2* response than non-tumour bearing normal brain. Low fBV may be an effect of vascular compression by the tumour and alter interpretation of the tumour BOLD response. fBV appears a dominant factor determining the size of BOLD response in this model.