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Abstract #3493

A Novel Cardiac Phantom to Study Murine & Human Cardiac Motion & Function using MRI

Christakis Constantinides1, Dimitris Nearchou1, Christoforos Constantinou1, Panayiotis Ktorides1, Robert Gravett2, Vasilios Tzagarakis3

1Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus; 2Shelley Medical Imaging Technologies, London, Ontario, Canada; 3Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center, Nicosia, Cyprus

A novel cardiac MRI phantom is presented. Such phantom is scalable to both the human and mouse hearts and can be used in low and high field MRI systems. It constitutes the technological platform for detailed ex-vivo electro-mechanical studies of the cardiovascular system at the tissue and organ levels in mice and humans.