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Abstract #3605

Non-Invasive Quantification of Absolute Cerebral Blood Volume

Pelin Aksit Ciris1, Maolin Qiu1, Robert Todd Constable1

1Yale University, New Haven, CT, United States

Non-invasive absolute CBV quantification could foster improved understanding of fMRI signal mechanisms, and potentially find clinical utility in evaluating vascular state, damage, and monitoring treatments. A non-invasive method based on a biophysical model and multi-slice acquisition with varying contrast weightings, with efficient multi-slice imaging using a rotating slice acquisition, is introduced. The method was evaluated by fitting to a slight change in data and model parameters with activation. Consistent and physiologically expected CBV estimates were obtained in mL of blood / 100mL of parenchyma in normal human volunteers. Results indicate feasibility of non-invasive quantification applicable to the whole human brain.