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Abstract #3702

Novel Hydroxytryptophan-Based Gd Chelating Substrate for Imaging Myeloperoxidase Activity.

Alexei A. Bogdanov1, Yang Xie, Mohammed S. Shazeeb

1Radiology, UMASS Medical School, Worcester, MA, United States

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is one of the imaging targets that has clear outcome- predictive value in myocardial infarction and stroke. We previously synthesized and tested several paramagnetic complexes of mono- and bis- amides of macrocyclic and linear chelates that sense MPO activity. We report a novel paramagnetic reducing substrate of MPO resulting in enzyme-mediated increase of Gd relaxivity. Bis-HTrp-DTPA(Gd) has high water solubility and undergoes MPO-specific conversion into protein - reactive intermediates. We anticipate it to be an efficient sensor for in vivo imaging of MPO activity due to potential binding to tissue proteins in inflammatory lesions