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Abstract #0461

Imaging the Pore Density Function by Synergistic Diffusion-Diffractions

MAGNA25Noam Shemesh1, Yoram Cohen1

1School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Diffusion-diffractions are unique reporters for compartment morphology in porous systems. In single-Pulsed-Field-Gradient (s-PFG) MR the signal decay E(q), is in fact the FT of the averaged propagator, which reports on the compartment size. By contrast, the pore density function, (r), holds all the information on the compartment morphology including size and shape; however, in conventional s-PFG MR, this quantity is intractable. Here, we show that by synergistic application of the diffraction patterns of double-PFG and s-PFG MR, one can in fact obtain the pore density function. Thus, an image of the pore space is obtained, without performing traditional MR imaging.