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Abstract #1677

Fast and Selective MRI of Xenon Biosensors

Martin Kunth1, Jrg Dpfert1, Christopher Witte1, Federica Rossella1, Leif Schrder1

1Leibniz-Institut fr Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP), Berlin, Germany

Concepts of biosensor detection by MRI are of actual interest, since its non-ionizing radiation property. This study demonstrates single-shot localization of functionalized 129Xe as used in specific biosensors in low concentration. Cryptophane-A was used in different surroundings to simulate two different types of biosensors at concentrations of 10M each, seperated by 1.2 ppm. Our technique employs presaturation and EPI encoding on hyperpolarized (HP) 129Xe. This fast imaging limits the Hyper-CEST technique to the HP Xe delivery process to the cryptophane-A cages and turns out to be promising for biosensor detection even in the nanomolar range.