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Abstract #2008

Improved Selection of the Venous Blood Pool for OEF Determination: IQ-OEF

Sophie Schmid1, Esben T. Petersen2, Jeroen Hendrikse2, Andrew Webb1, Matthias J.P. van Osch1, 3

1C.J. Gorter Center for High Field MRI, Dept. of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands; 2Dept. Radiology and Radiotherapy, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Leiden Institute of Brain and Cognition, Leiden, Netherlands

A new method called Inflow QUIXOTIC (IQ) is introduced, which employs a pulsed ALS module at T1blood*ln(2) seconds before VS-labeling to null the arterial pool. By nulling the arterial signal, the venous pool will be labeled exclusively by a single VS-module. IQ with and without QUIPSS was compared to QUIXOTIC. IQ enables selection of the local venous blood pool, showed a higher SNR, and provides also the opportunity to not only estimate the venous, but also the arterial T2. Whereas T2 measurements in large vessels (both arteries and veins) were feasible with our current sequence, tissue measurements were hampered by artifacts.